"If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

Equipment Repair Shops for Biological Sciences

Repair tech: Michael Mason, x3410 (Sinsheimer), x3690 (Biomed), mimason@ucsc.edu

Locations: 229 Sinsheimer, 104 Biomed

Drop-in hours: Monday - Friday, 7:00am - 2:30pm

Mission: To maintain and repair lab equipment,

        and to assist with other equipment issues, such as -

·         equipment-related training

·         instrument modifications

·         instrument interfacing

·         instrument design

·         equipment purchases

Shop Policies

Submitting a job: Instruments should be clean and completely decontaminated before being brought to the shop. Each instrument must be accompanied by an instrument safety form (download a copy). In Sinsheimer, these can be found in an envelope hanging on the repair shop door - place instrument and form on the cart to your left as you walk in.

Recharges: The cost of parts used in instrument repair will be recharged. The repair shop will cover the paperwork, but an account number and authorized signature will be needed.

Job prioritization: The following priority scheme is generally applied, with occasional exceptions.

1.      Emergency and safety-related work

2.      Scheduled preventive maintenance on common equipment

3.      Repair of common equipment - teaching

4.      Repair of common equipment - research

5.      Repair of lab equipment (or consultation) for PI's in the Biological Sciences (MCD, EEB, METX)

6.      Work for other UCSC units


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